Art Therapy Helps Save the Day in Post Disaster Recovery.

"TODAY IS THE DAY" that you can help to save the children of Fukushima, Japan who are suffering from exposure to nuclear radiation fall-out by donating money to the TITD foundation, buying art at the Paddle 8 online auction or by attending the event on 11/24/13.

I am consulting for partnerships, and acting as a connector and coordinator for this event. I first learned of this charity when I was invited to a pre-benefit cocktail party at the Sciame corporate offices (Wall St.) of art collector and acquaintance, Joseph Mizzi.

Fukushima I Nuclear Reactor Spewing Radioactive Steam.
On March 11, 2012 Fukushima, Japan awoke to a day that would change it forever. 
The Tohoku earthquake and ensuing tsunami with a 40 meter high surge caused catastrophic equipment damage at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. These equipment failures lead to loss-of-coolant followed by nuclear meltdowns, and release of radioactive materials beginning the following day.

The accident created the need for 300,000 people to be evacuated from the area. A subsequent screening program found that more than a third of children in the Fukushima Prefecture have abnormal growth in their thyroid glands, and as of August 2013 forty children have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and other cancers. To minimize the risk of radiation exposure, children of Fukushima are not allowed to play outdoors. Even as recently as this week the Guardian newspaper in the UK reported that the clean up may take another 40 years.

When I first met Noritosh Hirakawa he explained to me in his calm demeanor how important this is to him. "I started the foundation to save the children of Fukushima from the effects radiation."

Fukushima Children with Radiation Testing Kits.
 "Today is the Day"  is a foundation that is raising funds for an art therapy program for the children of Fukushima suffering from radiation exposure from the nuclear disaster.  Noritoshi Hirakawa is the creative director and local founder, besides being a world renowned Japanese contemporary artist, film maker and producer. He was born in Fukuoka, Japan and made his home in New York City in 1993.

Activist and artist 
Noritoshi Hirakawa

Art therapy is currently not recognized in Fukushima. As a result Hirakawa sought out acknowledged experts in the field and found highly regarded art therapists in the UK, specifically the British Association of Art Therapists.

As a result The Yangdaora art therapy project for the children of Fukushima was created. It offers a residential art therapy retreat for the kids in Singapore. Evacuation from the contaminated land is essential for those children to lead a healthy life, but many families are struggling to do so because they lack financial and emotional resources.

Auction item from Kiki Smith
 "Looking West I" 2012

The TDID benefit will feature artists including Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist, Kiki Smith and Luc Tuymans; and art lover and supporter Rohan Marley will attend with his art posse. Other committee members include artist Lawrence Weiner and Dr. Eric Braverman MD as the subjects of health / wellness and children are a priority in their lives. Dr. Braverman recenty interviewed Noritoshi on his 77 WABC radio talk show Sundays at noon.

Funds raised will support different programs (in addition to art therapy) to help reduce stress, with symptoms that include depression and obesity, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the inner strength of the children.

This is a bold opportunity to connect with the people of the Fukushima and raise awareness of their devastating situation, and provide enough support for relocations and recovery services before it is too late.

All children need a healthy outlet, be it through art, a nutritional diet and physical fitness, in order to let off steam and find a way to express their hopes, dreams and fears.

Please share below under "comments" any suggestions you may have for this project and let me know if you would care to get involved or help. Thank You! 

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Unknown said...

An excellent cause championed by one with a true "art & young people" heart. Join Cindy in her efforts by donating today!!

Chloe said...

Cindy has been my friend for many years. Beautiful, smart, cutting edge and passionate about art; Real Art Muse is the perfect synthesis of Cindy's expertise. Her energy pulsates through this blog.

So proud and happy for Cindy's contribution to the children of Fukushima, as well as for her infinite endeavors in the future via Real Art Muse.

Unknown said...

Thanks for showing your concern about the victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. It’s really heartbreaking that majority of them were children. I wish this project would help them recover from the trauma that the radiation meltdown and natural calamity have brought them.

Allison Perris

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