Warhol's Triple Elvis Sells for $82 Million at Christies' Auction.

RAM's next BACP installation at 270 Madison is keeping Andy Warhol's spirit alive. Warhol's original Elvis piece was just sold at auction for $82 million, contributing to an $852.9 million auction total. Below is a screen shot of the story in the Associated Press written by Ula Ilnytzky. 

Click Here for Full Feature: Associated Press
Click Here for Alex Cao's "Legends" Lobby Installation at 270 Madison Avennue: 

"RAM is on the run AND on the money"

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Mitch Pilnick said...

Great to see another one of your terrific RAM blogs Cindy. Your page is better than ever with useful resource links as well. Thanks for including ATOA too...much appreciated!!

Unknown said...

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