It's All About the Journey - Not Just the Destination.


Barbara Kruger – Two-Color Lithography 1989.

Maurice Sanchez:

Client. Friend. Print Maker. Businessman.

I’m one of those fortunate people who can combine a professional life [commercial real estate] with one of my passionate hobbies – the world of art collecting. This happened once again recently when I reconnected with an old friend and well-known New York printer Maurice Sánchez.

Maurice founded his printmaking studio Derrière L’Étoile (meaning “Behind the Star”) in 1978 and quickly became one of the leading printmaking studios in America.

I first met Maurice years ago at the Marlborough Gallery in NYC  where he shared with me that he was making prints for Red Grooms, coincidentally an artist I have met and followed for years.

I also discovered that he was embarking on a real estate search in NYC. As I was in the process of advising him on his real estate dealings, I came to appreciate his role as a technician that supports artists in printmaking projects.

He has created prints on behalf of such iconic American artists as Keith Haring, Jeff Koons, Barbara Kruger Sherrie Levine and Laurie Simmons. They are now being featured at a special show at the Zimmerili Art Museum at Rutgers University entitled “Stars:Contemporary Prints by Derrière L’Étoile Studio.”

Maurice at work in his Manhattan studio
Recently Maurice and I re-connected and he asked me for help to find affordable space that would meet his studio’s needs. As someone who asks the right kind of questions – I got Maurice to share what he was looking for: A large freight elevator, accessible water, high ceilings and floors that could handle the heavy load of his printing presses.

Before we went out to look at spaces in Long Island City - I had the chance to view him in action, working on prints for various artists, including Kara Walker  and observe first-hand a true craftsman at work.

Artist Painting Man – Malcolm Morley 2009

Recently the Guild Hall Art Auction in East Hampton Paddle 8 sold a Malcolm Morley print that Maurice printed for the charity.

I realized then just how fortunate I am to work on a real estate deal and in turn help Maurice with his amazing ongoing print making efforts.

Maurice and Jason inside Long Island City space.
I was able to make a connection for Maurice with a local commercial Real Estate specialist in Long Island City – Jason Auffarth from
Sholom & Zuckerbrot Realty LLC Jason helped us find some potential spaces in the area.

Another space we looked at was the Standard Motor Products Building on Northern Boulevard with Nicholas Rubicco representing the landlord from Acumen Capital Partners. 

This space fit all the requirements. And Nicholas turned out to be a great guy – and I am a big believer in working with “good neighbors” and quality building owners / operators.

View from the MTA # 7 train.

The joy of life is often in the journey rather than arriving at the destination as we looked at graffiti from the Manhattan-bound 7 train.

I believe that one must do what you love.

I discovered that meeting and learning from real estate brokers and artists (while being in the presence of talented people such as Maurice) brought out the Muse in me.

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