Who is the Real Art Muse?

As a NYC based real estate professional and art enthusiast Cindy is determined to inspire and motivate others to greatness. Many artists, real estate clients and friends have pointed to her as being their source of inspiration. She brings a fearless determination and 
joie de vivre to all her professional and personal pursuits.

Cindy's enthusiasm, curiosity and adventuresome spirit come through in her every encounter, from visiting art shows in the US, Europe and Asia to consulting on commercial and mixed use real estate deals in NYC and the Hamptons.

With a unique talent for quickly sizing up the situation and people, she can recognize a relevant opportunity and then make the right connections. She is drawn to aesthetic quality - whether in a person's work or in a work of art.

With this unique ability, Cindy brings the appropriate people together who have complementary goals acting as a catalyst that empowers them to help one another. 

Cindy makes a point to be out and about - taking great pleasure and pride in uncovering or rediscovering artistic talent and art venues, and is always eager to support important art and education related charities.

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Cindy's advocacy of emerging and mid-career artist is to be applauded. The words that rang the most with me: "...she can recognize a relevant opportunity and then make the right connections". Continued success to Cindy and those she touches on a daily basis.

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