Bringing Real Estate, Art, and Charity Together

(L to R) Dana Martin, Karen Shaw, artist Sophie Matisse and Cindy.

There is a wonderful story behind this story - I pitched the unconventional idea of a fine art gallery opening gala benefit to AREW Program co-chair Karen Shaw and to President of the Association of Real Estate Women Lina Telese. 

The proceeds from the event went to the AREW Charitable Fund which has two primary areas of focus: Supporting Women in Need (WIN) a not-for-profit group that provides NYC homeless women and their families with safe, clean housing and skills to become self-reliant; and fund scholarships for students in real estate programs in NYC colleges and universities.

The event was held at the Francis M. Naumann Fine Art Gallery celebrating the 100th anniversary of the premier of Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase at the 69th Regimental Armory in NYC. Guests included artists Sophie Matisse and Robert Forman who spoke about their art and the exhibit.

Duchamp was a French-American painter and sculptor who has been a great inspiration for many artists, including those who were featured in the show.

He is widely regarded, along with Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, as one of the three artists who helped define the revolutionary developments in the plastic arts at the start of the twentieth century, a period of significant advancement in contemporary and conceptual painting and sculpture.

The evening gave me a chance to share my love of art with my professional peers and friends, foster a lively discussion about the role real estate professionals can and do play in supporting artists and art galleries in New York City and raise money for a worthwhile charity in the process.

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