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Here's the lowdown on 3 resources......
What is ARTSY?"
When I was walking into The Armory Show on Wednesday afternoon --- the first thing you see as you arrive at Pier 92 is the large Pommery champagne bar and a Design in Reach pop up lounge. I wonder what they paid to be allowed to sell their bubbly (at $19 for a plastic flute) and to showcase their Black furniture?

This is not an occasion for the faint at heart or wallet size. Admission to the The Armory is $40.00 - however, many people had a VIP card or a
gallery placed their name with the list of greeters at the door.

To the right is the coat check, the Uber desk, and a jam packed VIP lounge where I waited in line to buy an espresso before I hit the art fair floor. Hotel Americana of Chelsea was there feeding the hungry and thirsty art enthusiasts. The lounge is filled with Roche-Bobois furniture, however the cushion/chairs were so low to the ground you had to do a deep knee bend to sit. Terrie Sultan's friend and Director of NYU's Grey Art Galley, Lynn Gumpert decided to take a pass when I offered my cushion.

The Artsy app is featured at a number of big NYC art fairs, like The Armory Show.

Now about ARTSY. Artsy staff were tactically placed at The Armory Show near the entrance. I was watching the action around their computer displays (their phone chargers all being used, connected to their computer terminals). I closely followed an up to date board that quickly flashed artists and gallery information. Anyone can download the Artsy App and start commenting and following the galleries and artists -- like Artsy's version of "Letterman's Top 10 list"  for the art fair world.

Michelle Finocchi, who is in charge of PR and communication for ARTSY was at The Armory Fair and walked me through and explained to me about the their special Genome technology and Why ARTSY it is making such an impact for all their different users.

The last two times I saw Artsy was at the Nada (new art dealers alliance) fair during Art Basel Miami where they had a similar set up as you entered the Deauville Hotel with Artsy proudly displayed in the lobby. Artsy has their name attached to over 18,000 artists and 200 Museums and also promoting there resources through museum openings such as the James Turrell exhibit at the Guggenheim in December 2013.

Thursday when I went to RSVP for the Unix Gallery opening for artist DOC (Desire Obtain and Cherish) I saw Artsy was on the invite and found out how galleries subscribe.
"Artsy" helped me virtually browse through an art fair, letting me see details surrounding a work of art and other works that have a similar look and feel (The Pandora for ART).
Besides, I could look at what certain pieces sold for. Indeed, a helpful and useful tool!

As I tour the NYC fairs this week, Artsy continues to add partners and promote itself (in a bigger and hopefully better ways). Besides The Armory Show ARTSY has partnered with ADAA and the Whitney...and the list goes on and on and on.

As a mobile apps that is an artfull resource for collectors and for art enthusiasts on the web, it ranks right up there. There are quite a few other apps and online resources that have similar and unique purposes. And, I am sure there are more art Apps in the making!
For comparison and exposure a few others I have used and believe are worth you checking are Collectrium and Artspace.

Michelle Finocchi, head of communication at Artsy, showing off the new app.

Besides my own insights, I enjoy musing about what other are using, sharing, and seeing in this overwhelming art world. Art apps gives me the ability to find emerging artists, exhibitions and track them. Since I work for building owners and potential collectors, finding new work, themes, trends is helpful. 

Carter Cleveland, founder and CEO of Artsy, said "this is (was) the first time such a large selection of artworks from world-renowned institutions, museums, foundations, private collections has been made available to the public all in one place."

Key features that sets Artsy apart from the rest:
  • Artsy was launched in September 2012 for the iPhone and iPod, it allows users to browse and buy art from leading institutions around the world.
  • You can put art on a virtual wall and see its actual size.
  • The free Artsy App describes itself as "the art world in your pocket" featuring more than 100,000 high-resolution artworks, 10,000 artists, 200 institutions/foundations updated daily. They are featured from leading contemporary galleries, art fairs and museums from around the world. 
  • It features aspects of a social media network, allowing users to sign up to create a profile (like Linked In), select artists to follow (like Twitter), Invite friends, an opt-in to get "push" content updates on new content, new "for sale by artists" being followed, and alerts when you get new followers.
  •  This app can find any artwork you like, and ask a specialist: 'How much does this usually sell for? Does the gallery provide framing? I like this artist, what other works or artists would I like?'
 What is Collectrium?
Collectrium's sleek mobile app is great when touring art fairs.

Collectrium is a resource which keeps track of art for collectors and institutions. In speaking with Mitchell, head of marketing at Collectrium, their company has a vision of an interconnected art world. They had developed specialized apps for the Nada ArtFair in Miami and ArtHamptons.

Collectrium has partnered with some big fairs, like NADA in Miami.

Key features that sets Collectrium apart from the rest:
  • Started in 2010, Collectrium is available allows anyone -- art fairs, collectors, and galleries -- to setup an account and start a catalogue of their entire collection. 
  • Art fair curators can manage registrations, press releases, and catalogs with the Exhibitor Resource Center.
  • Their app works at fairs and gives attendees the ability to quickly locate specific exhibitors or artwork with an interactive map, accessing detailed information about any artwork at the fair.Their app is featured at shows like ArtHamptons.
  • Well, according to the Collectrium folks, their app is the #1 iPhone app for art fairs, #1 mobile art discovery tool for collectors, and #1 contemporary art network.

What is Artspace?

Artspace is always covering new trends, like London's nonprofit art.

Even though Artspace doesn't have an app, it is an art tool that it is well worth discovering. As my mother used to always says to me and still does, "you need to do your homework."  I recommend, if you have a little time do your research before making the rounds at the art fairs. It will save you time and get you more focused. That is if you like to know and see what is for sale and how much before and then again you can do so afterwards. 

I keep reading Artspace because of its editorial section which has its finger on the pulse of the art, community and and society. Not only timely and well written but their staff knows what is trending in the art community.(as they see it)

I had the opportunity to speak with one of the writers Andrew Goldstein, who is also Editor-In-Chief of Artspace since 2012.  He said he joined Artspace because he was impressed by the team, and the tremendous quality of the museum, gallery, and nonprofit institutions that have partnered with the site.

Key features that distinguish Artspace from other services: 
Artspace offers an unparalleled collection of purchasable art.
  • Artspace was launched in 2011 and has a plethora of featured artists, all of whom sell prints, photographs, paintings, and sculptures directly on the site.
  • Artspace is screened by its curators and illustrious partners, people can know that what they find on the site is high-quality. This is something that Artsy and Collectrium do not offer.
  • Visitors can develop their own gallery, explore similar works, and link their findings to social media. The site's editorial section provides information on the history, personalities, and current trends of contemporary art.  
  • Artspace's partners include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Andy Warhol Museum, to name just a few. 
In the Online Art Research and Collection Services business the verdicts is out, however the more competition seems to raise the bar.

The popularity of these online art collection resource shows that we are more connected then ever. (in terms of APPS). This is a frenetic and exciting time to be an art collector -- or an art connector (as I am) -- and the internet is making it easier for all of us to do so.

So how do you see these APPS impacting the NYC art scene this week...and in the future? 
Please Let us know and leave a comment below or tweet @RealArtMuse or find me on Facebook through RealArtMuse. Or

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Cristy Corso said...

Great seeing you at the Whitney Biannual!

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I'm working on developing new apps and will be interested to talk with you about other opportunities in the art world. Thanks for the very interesting report!

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