THE BACP LAUNCH - But, What is BACP? (And, "what are they saying about it....")

The Building Art Curatorial Program launched at 915 Broadway (21 Street) during Armory Week 2014

What "they" are saying about it.....please, read for yourself.

The Commercial Observer,
Real Estate Weekly,
New York Observer,

BACP is a way to access art affordably and not permanently that creates a cultural, engaging, entertaining and tasteful experience in commercial building lobbies.

The building owner(s) have the option to buy the art before the lease terminates - a first right of refusal, otherwise the tenants who inquire have the 2nd option - guests and visitors who inquire can make a deal with the gallery once the art is removed and we arrange appointments for them to go on a studio visit to see
other works by the artist.
Term of the lease ranges, with an option to renew.
The art is replaced or rotated out at the end of the term.
The current works in the ABS RE portfolio have a 6 month lease and  new artwork will be exhibited when
the artwork is removed.

BACP is responsible for the curation (deciding which art work and how many-size and prices are reviewed with the Landlord
BACP curates based on what will enhance the lobby and takes into consideration the tenancy and
history of the building
BACP handles the lease negotiations, term, insurance and the coordination of all the logistics, including the transportation, installation, marketing, publicity, displays and educating/training the staff  about the art and maintenance.
BACP pays the artist and gallery upfront
BACP pays all the vendors upfront
BACP works with the galleries and the landlords on all the collateral material that is distributed in the buildings - the security desk has an art information card that gives background on the artist and we also
email to the tenants the information about the artist.
BACP coordinates with the press and includes the landlord and the artists/galleries in all press materials
and interviews, if they so wish.
BACP is a team leader in exposing art works to enhance the lobby experience for tenants and visitors
BACP helps to brand buildings and portfolios who sign up for the program
BACP adds value to a property through their carefully curated and executed program

Special Thanks to Lawrence Fine Art Gallery in East Hampton, NY who represents SEN2 and LAII
and Unix Gallery, NYC and Miami who represents DOC- "Desire Obtain and Cherish"

For further information about BACP Please Contact Cindy Farkas Glanzrock

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Unknown said...

Such a valuable service to give commercial buildings beauty, character, and value through art installations. It brightens the day of everyone who walks through the lobby. You are indeed the "connector" of art and commerce!

Mitch Pilnick said...

Bravo Cindy! ! Your attention to detail and service is exemplary. Wishing BACP continued success☆☆☆

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