Real Art Muse Mission: Creating an "Artist in Residence" Program in the Hamptons.

Musing the "AIR" idea at the Watermill Center
with Sophie Matisse.
(Left) Talking about "RAM AIR" - Real Art Muse's "Artist in Residence" mission for the South Fork at the recent Water Mill Center show opening this summer with my friend Sophie Matisse (who donated a work for the event's auction).

I've asked many of my artist and gallery owner friends as well as real estate clients the following relevant questions:

What makes for a great art studio space?

Why is the South Fork such an ideal location for artists?

De Kooning in his well illuminated studio.

Natural Light: Often the most important consideration for any artists. Ideally plenty of natural northern exposure light, as direct sunlight changes over the course of the day and can change the way artworks can look. Full spectrum artificial lights also help extend their working hours, allowing artists to see colors and textures accurately.
Jackson Pollock at work.

Work Space: Depending on the artist's chosen medium they need adequate space to work for drafting tables, easels, big tables, empty walls to hang reference images and new work or simply lots of floor space. Good ventilation is helpful as some art supplies have strong fumes.

Inspiration: Artists need a space and a place that inspires them. For example Monet was inspired by his gardens and the way light changed and shifted throughout the day. Colors, textures and light should be available for inspiration. There are many wonderful local landscapes that influenced de Kooning's work as he spoke of and referred to.
David Salle's new studio in East Hampton.
      The Real Art Muse Hamptons artist-in-residence program will take some direction from some other social media based services such as or that match people in need of space with property owners willing to rent it. 

Most artists are used to making do with what ever space they have available to get the job done, which if often quite modest and cramped. Imagine putting unused commercial and residential space on the East End into use for artists in need of an inspirational workspace and a roof over their head.

We have so many great local Patrons of the Arts already, and the Real Art Muse - Artist in Residence mission will be a great way to focus artists' collective energy to help grow the already vibrant art scene on the South Fork of eastern Long Island.

Now here’s a creative and ambitious idea in support of artists that just might get people talking and working together to help move this project into tangible actions 
for a worthy REAL ART cause.

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This is your calling for sure. The intersection of your broad interests and knowledge around art makes for interesting reading.

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