Donna Dodson: Artist. Mystical Inspiration. Friend.


I had the chance to connect with artist and friend Donna Dodson. Based in Boston and came to visit NYC to attend the “Ship of Tolerance” event held at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, as part of the 17th Annual DUMBO ArtsFestival.

Donna under the Brooklyn Bridge with
Susanne Middelberg's "Cat Woman."

My initial attraction to Donna:s work came from seeing a wonderful work she had created in collaboration with her partner Andy Moerlein - a large Owl sculpted called the "The Seer" made from tree branch saplings. As she describes her own efforts: “‘My artwork celebrates the mystical relationship between human beings and the animal kingdom.” My personal art collection now includes Donna’s “Pink Panther” which I love because it is a panther headed goddess figure carved in beautiful pink ivory, an exotic hardwood from South Africa.

Donna and Andy are examples of a artists who had a successful artist in residence experience. She was part of the prestigious 3D 
"Pink Panther" 12" Tall. 2012
Verbier Sculpture Park residency in Verbier, Switzerland – a scenic ski resort town located in the southwest corner of the country near the French and Italian borders. The program is dedicated to creating monumental contemporary sculpture to promote art, education, and culture to international audiences.

"Baby Bringer" in Styrofoam and
cement. 12' Tall. 2011.
The Verbier Sculpture Park makes use of the breathtaking alpine backdrop of the Swiss Alps as a “Museum without walls” according to Paul Goodwin, Verbier 3-D curator. It is a popular attraction for many of the people who travel to the area for its well known “off-piste” or off-trail skiing. The stork subject was the suggestion of park co-founder Kiki Thompson - who was pregnant at the time of Donna's residency, along with 20 other women in the small mountain village of Verbier. I understand why work celebrates fertility and motherhood!

No doubt this park provides the elements that make for an ideal Artist in Residency venue: Wonderful light and an inspirational and dramatic natural setting.

Donna and Andy currently have work on display at Nesto Gallery located at the Milton Academy located in Milton, MA. This is a preview exhibit called Visions/Visiones and Connections/ Conexiónes. In February 2014 members of the Boston Sculptors Gallery together with a group of Peruvian artists will present Visions / Visiónes, at the 
Museum Saint Dominic Priory - Qorikancha in Cusco, Peru.

Museum Saint Dominic Priory - Qorikancha (Golden Enclosure) - Built atop the ruins of the Inca Empire's main temple.

The Peruvian Convent and Museum are built on the foundation of the most important Inca temple sites near MachuPicchu. The Nesto Gallery exhibits work inspired by this confluence of cultures. 

Drawings, models and work that will be shown in Peru by Boston Sculptors Gallery members will hang beside art from many notable Peruvian artists. Donna's contribution to the show is "Condorita" a Andean Condor headed female figure.
"Condorita" 23" tall. Walnut. 2013

The mystical female form, will live in a high alpine gallery, without walls, during their upcoming art show near Machu Picchu. This gives me plenty to muse about when I think of Donna and her sculptures in another naturally beautiful environment. Hope to see you all there.

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