Real Art Muse Quest: Space for "Artists In Residence" in The Hamptons


The South Fork or "the Hamptons" has long been long known for its wonderful natural light, open sky, large structures (some being old farm houses,garages and out buildings) and the spectacular landscapes among the local and transient artistic community.

As an Art Muse I have met, supported and encouraged many artists. We have spoken about their environment as in their homes and studio space and what they look for. I have tried to incorporate their criteria when I help them search for residential and commercial real estate.

Sagg Main Road, Sagaponack, NY
I started thinking earlier this year about building an artist’s studio on my own property in Sagaponack in the heart of “The Hamptons” – a challenge with all the building codes, rules / regulations and permits required from the various local governing bodies whom are not known for their flexibility nor creativity. Findings way to overcome these hurdles continues to be a challenge, as I pursue my desire to have my own "home-grown" art studio.

With artist John Gordon Gauld at Pioneer Works
opening in Red Hook.

As part of my on-going effort to help artists find suitable space, I was recently   contacted by artist John Gordon Gauld who lost his home and art studio in Redhook last year ago during Hurricane Sandy. After many calls to action and connecting the dots, I found some prospective space for him on the East End.

Then I started talking about my idea with friends and "patrons of the arts" interested in helping support artists, and I began to think bigger. I wondered if I might set up a local artist-in-residence program on the south fork in commercial space, as well as provide living space - enabling them to work in our community while earning their keep.

Willem and Elaine de Kooning c 1950.

Artists have a long history of living and working on the South Fork of Long Island - just 100 miles east of mid-town Manhattan. Among the notable names that created art there are painter David SalleWillem de Kooning, Motherwell, and Jackson Pollock
whose studio in the Springs area of East Hampton is still a popular art lovers destination. He was in fact supported  by a well-known art patron Peggy Guggenheim working on a gallery contract, starting back in 1943.

Pollock's East Hampton home in The Springs.

I will continue to ponder my mission of how we might support the next generation of great artists-in-residence here on the south fork of eastern Long Island.

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Donna Dodson said...

Great idea Cindy! I hope you can get this idea off the ground- the Hamptons are fun!

Unknown said...

I'm not surprised Cindy by your dream and wish you all the best in making it come true. Anytime I've attended an art fair in NY or L.I. you always have a different young artist by your side introducing them around and offering valuable wisdom and advice. Mentoring comes naturally to you. Helping a future generation of artists make their stamp on the region that blossomed icons of modern art is a noble cause. As a born & bred L.I'er. I understand the significance of your labor of love.

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